Take the Insomnia artfag test!

By Staff / March 8, 2008

And to conclude our "games as art" thematic week here on Insomnia, we've devised a little test for you, which should help you determine once and for all which side of the fence (or closet, if you prefer) you're on. Simply answer the following questions, then scroll to the bottom of the page for your results.

1. Do you cry when watching anime clips in JRPGs?

2. Do you cry when killing Collossuses in Shadows of the Collossuses?

3. Does playing ICO make you feel "warm inside"?

4. Do you feel that underneath it all Rez is just a rail shooter like PANZER DRAGOON but omg here it's so much more?

5. Do you feel a lump in your throat when an emo transsexual JRPG character dies?

6. Do you feel a lump in your pants when an emo transsexual JRPG character appears?

7. Do you think words like 'elucidate', 'poignant' and 'juxtaposition' belong in game reviews?

8. Do you think there's nothing wrong about game reviews that begin with the phrase, "Game X tells the story of..."

9. Have you ever found yourself trying to "interpret" the "meaning" of a game you just played?

That's it! Now add up your positive and negative responses and check your result by highlighting the hidden text below:

[If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions, we have a blog recommendation for you: For boys who like boys who like joysticks!, and a forum recommendation: half rollicking argument about videogames, half self-absorbed inanity! As for everyone else, stick with this place, dude -- we've got you covered.]