Roppongi Hills / June 18, 2005

The Roppongi Hills project is the largest private redevelopment project thus far in Japan. It is one outcome of the arc of urban development work by Mori Building that began with Ark Hills.

Offices in which leading financial, information technology and software firms at the frontiers of their fields are concentrated, residences, about 230 retail entities, a cinema complex (Virgin Cinema Roppongi Hills) and a hotel (the Grand Hyatt Tokyo): Roppongi Hills offers all the essential elements for urban living while showcasing new possibilities for what the city can become.

Housed in the upper floors of the Mori Tower, the main tower in Roppongi Hills, is the Mori Arts Center, which combines an art museum (the Mori Art Museum), an observation deck (Tokyo City View), a private club (the Roppongi Hills Club), and facilities for an academy and forum (Roppongi Academy Hills). It is a fitting symbol of the Artelligent City.

Roppongi Hills Arena, an outdoor event space situated almost in the center of the site, is the venue for a variety of events. With the TV Asahi and J-Wave broadcasting centers in the complex as well, Roppongi Hills is constantly communicating new information and new cultural ideas to the world.






The brief comments at the beginning of this post were taken from the Mori Building website. The text has been heavily edited because in Japan even multibillion dollar companies seem unable to write a couple of paragraphs in decent English. OKAYSORRY.

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