Insomnia | Introducing the "Indie" Scene

"The counterfeiters must not be allowed free reign."

Jean Baudrillard, The Conspiracy of Art

starstar Limbo (2010)

Ah, Limbo. It has been called this year's Braid; a masterpiece; perfect, even. Let's have a look-see, shall we?

starstar VVVVVV

What the bums are basically doing, then, is taking and clumsily remaking old-style games, all the while grafting on to them all the worst deficiencies of modern ones...

starstar Machinarium (2009)

Machinarium is at first glance promising.

starstar Minecraft (2009)

Wherein contemporary subhumanity discovers, with some amazement, that computers can also be used for other things besides playing games.

star Flower (2009)

Flower makes for an excellent case-study of the diabolically cunning tactics of the "indie" bums...

starstar Spelunky (2008)

Let's start out by exploding a myth about this game: Spelunky is in no way, shape or form a "roguelike".

starstar World of Goo (2008)

... is what happens when moderately talented developers imbibe the artfag movement.

starstar Braid (2008)

And so we finally arrive at Braid: the most critically and commercially successful "indie" game ever...

star Knytt Stories (2007)

If Knytt stinks because of lack of substance, then Knytt Stories freaking reeks because of the enormous amount of bullshit it contains.

star Knytt (2006)

Here's a game that's basically just one long walk across a landscape that looks like it was made with MS Paint.

star Flow (2006)

Some people call it a masterpiece. I wonder if these people would say the same after playing Mary Kate and Ashley: Winner's Circle for the Game Boy Color.

starstar Doukutsu Monogatari (2004)

The Darlings of "Independent" Game Development: Exhibit #2.

star Seiklus (2003)

Seiklus is apparently the game where it all began; the first "indie" game.