Insomnia | Videogame Art

Arcana Heart (2006)

After the rather disappointing Tenkaichi Kenkakuden I would not have imagined that Yuki would have a game such as this in them, but that's what people can do with proper motivation.

Espgaluda (2003)

Previous Cave games assumed the player had already mastered the art of finding a path through a thick haze of bullets. Espgaluda teaches you how.

Ketsui ~Kizuna Jigokutachi~ (2003)

For several years Ketsui was the only Cave shooter you couldn't play without flying to Japan or dropping several hundred bucks on the PCB.

Gun Valkyrie (2002)

Starship Troopers meets an inspired Japanese take on the steampunk theme, and a 3D action engine that remains unrivaled. This is Smilebit at its best.

SimCity (1989)

For the act of simply building, of simply producing stuff, can only ever be one part of the whole story; for the cycle of seduction to be complete, production should always be followed by destruction.

R-Type (1987)

It is fascinating that in its relative infancy Irem could shape a game as finely tuned as R-Type.

Spacewar! (1962)

War is the father of all things.